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Neck and back pain: easy ways to protect your neck and back while working from home

The Modern Ergonomist has written an article for Stylist, discussing practical tips about how to adjust your home workspace to ensure you're comfortable.

Understanding the basics of creating an effective workstation in our homes will enable us to protect our bodies from harm, such as a musculoskeletal injury (MSD). You may not have access to the ideal equipment, or want to fork out a lot of money to create the ultimate home office, so now is the time to get creative and adapt items that we already have at home, to ensure that we come out of this lockdown fighting fit.

You’ve been working from home for a couple of weeks now. How’s your back feeling? Are your neck and back feeling sore from hours of hunching over your laptop or answering emails in bed?

Read the full article to find out how you can instantly upgrade the safety of your home office. Comment below to let me know what improvements you’ve made to your home workspace👇

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