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We understand ergonomics. We know that by using a human-centred approach to the workplace we can improve the wellbeing of your employees. 


We spend a 1/3 of our lives at work but many are still uncomfortable, disengaged or both. People are suffering in the workplace, with 1 in 10 suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and back pain, to 44% reporting stress as the reason for time off work.


This has an impact on wellbeing, engagement and productivity. If your employees are struggling with lower back pain, they can’t concentrate, their productivity goes down and they feel stressed. Good ergonomics can help this!

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of people in the workplace through education and application of ergonomics, whether you’re in an office, laboratory, university or on the road.

Find out how we can help your industry


What do we do?

TME provides education in ergonomics so that you can take control of your wellbeing at work. This will decrease stress levels and reduce MSDs, improve overall wellbeing, productivity and employee experience at work.


Our goal is to make our sessions engaging and different from what you’ve experienced before, going beyond a workstation assessment because we are ergonomists!

We work across the UK and Europe, to provide you with a range of services that improve the physical and mental health impacts of poor ergonomics by optimising your working environment.



Are you an Occupational Health professional, a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor? Working with many of you, we know that there is increased demand on your services to deal with workplace injuries. We can help with ergonomics for individual cases or help you understand the world of office products and application, as it can be a minefield.


Human Resources

Is ergonomics part of your wellness programme? It should be! Understanding how workplace design and ergonomics can affect an employee’s physical and mental health will help you to improve engagement, productivity and overall employee experience.


Facilities and H&S

Do you spend too much time worrying about workstation assessments? An ergonomics programme together with training can identify and reduce recurring problems. We can provide a practical approach to setting up an ergonomics programme for your business by understanding or furniture selection, help with narrowing down the options whilst ensuring employees are put first.

Human Resources
Facilities & H&S

“Lillian helped us to resolve a long-standing and complex workplace ergonomic issue. She provided a first class, professional service and took the time to engage with and support members of staff who had underlying health conditions that made standard solutions difficult to implement. Both people have been really pleased with the advice and guidance that Lillian provided and are now working pain free”. 

Health & Safety Manager, leading UK university.

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