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The Modern Ergonomist provides a range of services to help your organisation, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch.

Training, seminars and workshops

Education is the best way to improve the wellbeing of your employees. We can offer a range of workplace ergonomics training, seminars and workshops or webinar format: 

  • Office environment and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) including agile and mobile working

  • Wellbeing with a focus on sedentary behaviour, how to increase movement through the day. 

  • Bespoke to your organisation

Workstation Assessments

We offer different levels workstation assessments, depending on your employee requirements:


  • A short 20-30 minute workstation assessment with advice given during the session and immediate recommendations.

  • An in depth assessment. 30- 45 minute assessment at the workstation and a comprehensive written report outlining recommendations.

  • Pregnancy workstation assessments

  • Post occupancy assessments if you’ve recently moved offices. This works well alongside short training session on the basic furniture. 

  • Home working assessments

  • Industrial workplace assessments.

Ergonomic Workplace Consultancy

  • Ergonomic programme development. This is provided bespoke to each company depending on where you are and what you want to achieve. 

  • Furniture Audits. Where are you today in terms of your office design and current furniture? We can help you understand the current state and make recommendations based on understanding your company needs. 

  • Product design and research. Provide ergonomic advice on new products or research with end users to understand how these products will be used.

Bespoke Consultancy 

We know that projects come in different shapes and sizes so if the above isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then please contact us and we’ll find a solution.


'.....an extremely informative and educational insight into the ergonomics of the workplace, this has helped us enormously in understanding the key points when talking to DSE users in office based environments.' 

Health & Safety Manager, London

Services in brief

Ergonomics Training | Wellbeing Seminars | Workshops | Webinars | Ergonomic Programme Development | Workplace Consultancy | Furniture Audits | Workstation assessments | Product Design and Research


Bespoke Consultancy – If these aren't quite what you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll find a solution.

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